October 27, 2017


The leitmotiv in our research is the application and development of a broad range of computational techniques to the investigation of:



The investigation of materials, their interaction with living systems and their possible applications led us to apply a broad range of computational methods (from DFT to coarse grain dynamics to neural networks. One of the main results is the creation of a startup SmartVase Srl. We also organize every 3 years an international workshop on bionanomaterials Bionam

Drug design

A very strong effort in our lab is on developing novel tools for drug design. Among others, Yada and Flocking for molecular docking, Grimd for distributed computing, ProtComp for genomic and proteome analysis, Yadamp for antimicrobial peptides design. We are currently involved in the development of a potential anticancer within the project Clinglio.

Bioinformatics and data mining

The algorithms we develop are not only confined to Drug Design. The applications range from data compression and data mining, deep learning, feature extraction and search engines. More info can be found on www.softmining.it. Our interest in artificial intelligence and evolutive programming is witnessed in the organization of Wivace, a regular workshop on these themes.