October 21, 2017

Spin off

Smart materials for smart applications


SmartVase is a company focused on the design and industrialization of bio and nanomaterials. The first activity line is on the printing of biodegradable (PLA based) materials. We designed and manufactured biodegradable pots having programmable degradation. The second activity line is on the application of superhydrophobic and superomniphobic coatings on polymer materials. Actually, we are developing coatings for microfluidic applications and for the treatment of cardiovascular devices.

The computational revolution in drug design and data mining


The mission of SoftMining is to change the way to perform research in drug design and digital health using computers and dedicated algorithms. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life designing better and safer drugs and to exploit biomedical data in a more efficient way. We have developed an AI-based drug discovery platform that is 10x more productive than current industry standards